Watch: 'The Hunt' Clip Shows Why Mads Mikkelsen Won Best Actor at Cannes

Watch: 'The Hunt' Clip Shows Why Mads Mikkelsen Won Best Actor at Cannes

Jul 10, 2013

Mads Mikkelsen is the man. End of story.

He's the kind of actor who is so consistently captivating on-screen that we're game for anything he's in, be it in his native Denmark (Flame and Citron, Valhalla Rising) or Hollywood (Casino Royale, NBC's Hannibal). Even when it comes to his cheesier movies (Clash of the Titans, The Three Musketeers), he's the kind of actor who is guaranteed to make things more interesting. Combine him with a smart, daring script and the results are, well, they're The Hunt, opening in theaters Friday.

Directed by Thomas Vinterberg, The Hunt is about a teacher (Mikkelsen) in a small town who has hit a rough patch in life. Things are starting to look up, though. He's making progress with the custody of his son and there's finally a new love in his life. Then a lie about him starts to spread through his town, threatening to tear it all back down again.

It's the kind of role in the kind of film that, were it American, would already be getting Oscar buzz. Because it hails from the Netherlands, however, most of its awards are international. It won three awards at last year's Cannes Film Festival (including Best Actor for Mikkelsen) and was nominated for the Palme d'Or. It's also received a handful of nominations and wins from various bodies around Europe, including the BAFTAs, European Film Awards and the London Critics Circle Film Awards. Thanks to Magnolia Pictures it's finally coming to U.S. shores and we've got a clip from the film that makes it pretty clear why it's getting so much critical buzz.

Check it out below and look for The Hunt in a theater near you starting July 12, 2013. Here's a handy calendar of where it'll be playing.

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