UPDATE: 'The Hobbit' Extended Edition Retracted from the 2013 Warner Bros. Calendar

UPDATE: 'The Hobbit' Extended Edition Retracted from the 2013 Warner Bros. Calendar

Oct 05, 2012

UPDATE: We were just contacted by a rep for Warner Bros. Home Video stating, "In the recently distributed calendar included in the Warner Bros. 90th Anniversary press kit, there was an erroneous mention of an Extended Edition release for The Hobbit film. This product has not been confirmed yet and we apologize for any confusion."

Note: In addition to revealing it in the calendar, they also announced it in another press release, so it seems someone at Warner Bros. slipped up, either revealing an extended edition prematurely or just wishfully. We're guessing prematurely, but until they want to re-announce it, we'll point you to the revised release calendar, which is identical as the one below except for the hole left by An Unexpected Journey


This should come as no surprise or disappointment to anyone, but Warner Bros. has confirmed that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be getting an extended edition on DVD and Blu-ray in 2013. Yes, even after adding a third film to The Hobbit, Peter Jackson still has enough leftover material to make extended editions. We don't have a precise release date at this time, but we do know that it'll arrive in the fourth quarter of 2013, just in time for the second entry in the new trilogy, The Desolation of Smaug

The news came as part of Warner Bros. unveiling of how it plans to celebrate its 90th anniversary next year. They'll be putting out a ton of new Blu-ray sets, including a 100 -film DVD collection, and a 50-film Blu-ray collection filled with the best the studio has to offer from the last nine decades. The sets don't stop there, though, they just get even more specific with a 20-film Blu-ray set dedicated to Clint Eastwood, a James Dean collector's edition box set, and even a new The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector's Edition.

We've scanned the full calendar for Warner Bros.' 90th anniversary, so check it out below to see everything they've got planned. And you might want to start setting aside money now, as there's a lot of good stuff in store.

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