'The Guest' Trailer: Get Your First Tease of One of 2014's Most Entertaining Movies

'The Guest' Trailer: Get Your First Tease of One of 2014's Most Entertaining Movies

Jun 26, 2014

Dan Stevens The Guest

Today's man-on-a-mission action movies all pretty much follow in the steps of Taken: a single guy with a very particular set of skills is hell-bent on a righteous path of revenge or redemption. And as cool as the action can be in those movies, there's just something routine and safe and predictable about the way they all play out. Enter The Guest, which is kind of like the anti-Taken in that it is a man-on-a-mission action movie that delights in completely destroying any sense of safety and routine.

It's about David (Dan Stevens, giving an instant, star-making performance), a mysterious soldier who pays a surprise visit to the family of one of his dead Army buddies with the promise of helping them out. We quickly begin to suspect that not all may be right with David, though, and what follows is a wildly entertaining thriller that doesn't follow any of the modern action-movie rules. Of course, that's to be a bit expected considering this is from the team who made You're Next, which also turned modern horror-movie expectations in on themselves to create the most entertaining home-invasion movie ever made. 

The below teaser only hints at the fun this movie has in store (yay, a teaser that actually teases!), so you'll have to wait for it to hit theaters sometime this fall to see the rest. But trust us, it is worth the wait (here's our review from Sundance).





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