Sam Raimi Plans to Reboot 'The Grudge' and Make J-Horror Popular Again

Sam Raimi Plans to Reboot 'The Grudge' and Make J-Horror Popular Again

Mar 25, 2014

Grudge ghost kid

Who’s ready for more creepy ghost kids? Ghost House Pictures is hoping you are, because it's getting ready to reboot The Grudge.

The 2004 film -- directed by Japanese director Takashi Shimizu, and based on his Japanese film Ju-On -- became a box office hit here in America. Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in the remake, which made almost $200 million globally and spawned a sequel. Now, Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert want to revive the fledgling fright franchise, and have hired Midnight Meat Train screenwriter Jeff Buhler to pen the script.

The remake, and Shimizu’s original, was a key title in the wave of wildly popular Japanese ghost films of the early 2000s. These supernaturally tinged tales became instantly recognizable for their creepy, shambling monsters, mostly portrayed by young girls with long black hair obscuring their features. Hollywood was quick to capitalize on the popularity of the films – inundating the market in a short timespan -- and the fad faded quickly as audience fatigue set in.

It remains to be seen if horror fans will want to revisit the movement, particularly since it’s only been a few short years since these films were everywhere, but I guess we’ll find out one way or the other in the next year or two. What say you, dear readers? Are you ready for more angry Asian ghosts or would you prefer Hollywood actually spend money making some of the original horror scripts floating around Tinseltown?

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