Watch Matt Damon Fight Monsters in China in 'The Great Wall'

Watch Matt Damon Fight Monsters in China in 'The Great Wall'

Jul 29, 2016

As the global box office (and especially China) continues to make a greater impact on a film's overall success, we're beginning to see how that might play out in future big-budget movies.

One example is The Great Wall, an English-language film starring a major Hollywood star (Matt Damon) that's not only the largest film ever shot entirely in China, but also one featuring an eclectic ensemble full of international stars. Plus, it's also the English-language debut for director Zhang Yimou (House of Flying Daggers, Hero).

And it's got monsters! Check out the trailer below.

The Great Wall, which looks to have a bit of fun with the legend of China's Great Wall by telling a story about the other very literal monsters it was built to keep out, arrives in theaters on February 17, 2017, about a month before Kong: Skull Island hits theaters and three months before Universal's reboot of The Mummy, making 2017 a year that will be fond of monster movies.

We're certainly intrigued by The Great Wall, and it's a film already showcasing some gorgeous cinematography. Just those shots of men disappearing into the monstrous fog has us ready to devour whatever comes next. 

Will this be the blockbuster international hit it's intended to be? What say you?

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