Richard Donner Confirms Steven Spielberg Came Up with the Story for 'The Goonies 2'

Richard Donner Confirms Steven Spielberg Came Up with the Story for 'The Goonies 2'

Apr 21, 2014


As we all know by now, everything old in Hollywood is new again. Case in point via today’s news: The Goonies. There’s been talk about a Goonies sequel for what feels like ages, with chatter about a comic book spin-off, a musical and an animated TV series, even. The heartfelt kid adventure tale directed by Richard Donner is a big nostalgia bomb, and it seems that writer, producer and second unit director Steven Spielberg isn’t willing to let go. Early reports of a part two indicated that Spielberg supported a sequel, but news was vague.

However, Donner recently confirmed that, yes, Spielberg really did come up with the idea to do a second film and the storyline behind it. The Goonies lives! Most of the doubts expressed by Donner and company have surrounded the cast. When asked if big timers like Josh Brolin would make a return, Donner couldn’t confirm either way — but the filmmaker’s response indicates we’re a step closer to making movie magic happen than we were when spoke to the director in 2011.

Star Corey Feldman has expressed his own doubts about a script coming together, but as TMZ quips, having Spielberg behind your movie is “not some rogue side project.” Feldman is skeptical, but seems on board with the idea — and who is he kidding? Feldman needs the paycheck to pay for his ridiculous parties. So where does this leave us? The passion is there, the money seems to be there (courtesy of the Bank of Spielberg, we’re guessing), but can the Goonies crew get it together for another go-round? Should they?





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