'The Girl' Teaser Trailers: Watch Alfred Hitchcock Obsess Over Tippi Hedren

'The Girl' Teaser Trailers: Watch Alfred Hitchcock Obsess Over Tippi Hedren

Aug 27, 2012

Last week, we saw the chilling introduction to Becoming Jane and Kinky Boots director Julian Jarrold's take on the oft disturbing relationship famed director Alfred Hitchcock shared with his on-screen muse, Tippi Hedren. The Girl looks to be a tension-filled, darkly dramatic tale revealing a "saga of unwanted sexual advances, harassment and blacklisting that went on behind the scenes." Specifically, the HBO film focuses on Hedren's work on The Birds and Marnie — her most famous roles. Toby Jones' eerie transformation into the obsessive, robust British director looks incredible based on the clip — and a new one has arrived, which we've shared below. We also see Sienna Miller as Hedren in an emotional performance. 

The former model wasn't Hitch's first choice for his 1963 horror film about widespread avian attacks in California. To the auteur's utter frustration, Grace Kelly turned down the role, and did the same thing for Marnie the following year after becoming Princess of Monaco and feeling pressured to avoid any roles that might portray her in a questionable light.

Hitch essentially tortured Hedren on set. During the big attack scene, Hedren was assured she would be working amongst mechanical birds. Instead, they shot for a week using live gulls, ravens and crows. Although their beaks were clamped shut, she was injured. Hedren had a nervous breakdown and was ordered to take a week's bed rest. She did receive a Golden Globe for her performance, but it came at a great price. The actress refused to work with Hitchcock after Marnie, but he kept her under contract out of spite. It brought everything to a grinding halt. "He ruined my career, but he didn’t ruin my life," she said to the Television Critics Association earlier this year.

The Girl premieres on October 20. Get a taste for Jarrold's Hitchcockian offering below.


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