Here's a Great Short Film About What Happens After a Zombie Apocalypse

Here's a Great Short Film About What Happens After a Zombie Apocalypse

Feb 05, 2014

First Wave still photo

Zombie movies are everywhere these days, and while we'll always have a soft spot for the walking dead in our cold, black hearts, it’s hard to shake the feeling that we’ve seen all there is to see in this particular subgenre. Then something like David Freyne’s The First Wave comes along and makes everything old seem somehow new again.

Freyne’s film is the antithesis of Romero’s zombie cinema. Romero imagines a bleak future where a well-equipped human resistance can’t defeat the shambling hordes not because they lack the firepower and technology, but because we can’t put aside our differences and make a coordinated effort to kill the dead once and for all.

The First Wave, on the other hand, posits that not only can the zombie menace be stopped – but it can be defeated by science, allowing the infected to return back to their normal selves. The catch? The infected remember every bit of brain munching they did as part of the morti viventi. Is it worth returning to a life with complete recall of all the horribly repulsive things you did while infected, even if those things were beyond your control? That’s the philosophical question at the heart of Freyne’s mini-movie.

As a short, The First Wave is impressive. There’s power in this tale and issues we don’t often see tackled in this subgenre. The direction and production values are really impressive too – making this one of the best horror shorts I’ve seen so far this year. Don’t just take my word for it, though – check out The First Wave below and see if you agree.

[via Film School Rejects]


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