Sequel/Reboot Updates for The Fighter, The Wolfman and The Hangover III

Sequel/Reboot Updates for The Fighter, The Wolfman and The Hangover III

Jun 09, 2011

A day without a sequel/remake/reboot roundup is like a day without sunshine, apparently – so here’s the latest proof in support of the argument that Hollywood has run out of ideas.

David O. Russell’s boxing epic, The Fighter, was a hit with Oscar voters – but it doesn’t seem like the kind of film that would inspire a follow-up film. Russell has been saying he wants to do a sequel for months, and now star Mark Wahlberg is on in the action. The actor announced a sequel to the hit film while accepting the “Guy Movie of the Year” award at Spike TV’s Guys’ Choice Awards ceremony. Wahlberg says that even though the original film was based on the true story of boxer Micky Ward, they’ve still got material for the sequel – the boxer’s three fights with Arturro Gatti. The omission of those bouts bugged a lot of boxing fans who viewed the first film.

Wahlberg assured everyone that “We're not going to do Fighter 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 but we are going to do 2, and we're going to do the Ward-Gatti trilogy.” No word on whether Russell will return, but the writer/director has said he’s ready to begin work on the screenplay, so his involvement seems likely.

Universal’s The Wolfman limped in to theaters last February after enduring directorial switches, reshoots, and other controversies. The film tanked at the box office, earning back less than half of its production budget. Apparently, though, that wasn’t enough to dissuade Universal from considering a sequel to the film, which featured Benecio Del Toro in the title role.

It seems the studio has since come to their senses and now intends to take the sequel script and instead use it as the basis for a reboot of the potential franchise. Sources indicate that the script is currently undergoing rewrites with the aim of making it more like the original 1941 horror classic, which starred Lon Chaney Jr.

Universal is reaching out to directors now and should begin the casting search shortly after they hire a helmer, with an eye toward shooting in the fall.

Finally, with The Hangover Part II rapidly approaching the $200 million dollar mark, it’s basically a given that a sequel will happen. Star Zach Galifianakis recently spoke with Rolling Stone and says “They want to do a Hangover III. I'm getting fricking phone calls already."

According to the comedian, early discussions have a third film breaking from the first two and focusing on Alan escaping from a mental institution with the help of the Wolf Pack. Sounds sort of like a spinoff of Galifianakis’s It’s Kind of a Funny Story.

What do you guys think? Any of these things pique your interest? We’d certainly be down for another The Fighter, if only because the Gatti fights should make for compelling drama. We’ll be taking a “wait and see” approach to these other two projects.

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