Luc Besson Talks the 'Fifth Element' Sequel You Know We All Want to See

Luc Besson Talks the 'Fifth Element' Sequel You Know We All Want to See

Sep 16, 2013


Every time we see a woman cosplaying as Milla Jovovich's Leeloo in The Fifth Element, we pray for her that the bandages stay put, and then we run home and watch Luc Besson's sci-fi cult classic for the umpteenth time. The director has gone back and forth about a sequel to the futuristic tale, which was reportedly titled Mr. Shadow many moons ago. In a recent interview with The Playlist, Besson spoke briefly about the potential part two and his frustrations about film technology at the time.

"The Fifth Element. I was a little bit frustrated because I made the film right before all the new effects arrived. So when I did the film it was all blue screen, six hours, dots on the wall, takes forever to do one shot," Besson said. "Now, basically, you put the camera on your shoulder and then you run and then you add a couple of dinosaurs and spaceships. And I was so frustrated because it was not so easy at the time. So I always think to myself that I would avenge one day and use all the new tools to do a sci-fi film for sure." Production design was costly, making The Fifth Element the most expensive European film at the time of its release. French comic gurus Jean Giraud and Jean-Claude Mézières were behind the design. Despite Besson's frustrations, the film was widely praised for its dazzling special effects.

When asked if Besson's potential sci-fi film was connected to the 1997 movie, he had this to say:

"I don't know if it would be directly connected, but it would be the same area and the same genre. So for me it would be connected even if the stories had nothing to do with each other."

Sounds like he's not closing the door on a sequel just yet. We'll take it. Until then, we have a billion Transporter films to look forward to, Taken 3, and Besson's movie in theaters now, The Family




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