'The Seventh Son' Trailer Features the 'Big Lebowski' Reunion We've Been Waiting For

'The Seventh Son' Trailer Features the 'Big Lebowski' Reunion We've Been Waiting For

Jul 10, 2013

Seventh Son Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore made movie history when they appeared in the Coen Brothers’ much-loved comedy The Big Lebowski – and now Maude and the Dude are set to share the stage again, not in the Lebowski sequel so many of us have wanted for years, but in a fantasy film entitled The Seventh Son. This is so weird…

Bridges and Moore will costar with Ben Barnes and Alicia Vikander in this adaptation of author Joseph Delaney’s series of fantasy books. Barnes is the “seventh son of a seventh son” and teams up with Bridges to hunt down all sorts of witches and supernatural beasts in the 1700s. Things get a little complicated when Barnes falls for a young witch who may not be so bad after all. Meanwhile, Moore plays the wickedest witch of all.

The film was originally slated for an October debut, but has since been pushed back to January 17 of next year. That’s usually not a good sign, but have a peek at the trailer and see what you think. Our take is that it looks like your standard modern-era fantasy flick, but with names like Bridges and Moore involved, it’s certainly got a good cast. Let us know if the new clip piques your interest in this movie by leaving a comment below.

[via Rope of Silicon]

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