World's Leading Film Manufacturers in Decline -- Is the Death of Film Nigh?

World's Leading Film Manufacturers in Decline -- Is the Death of Film Nigh?

Oct 12, 2011

Kodak LogoMany having been prophecizing the death of film for decades. Not the death of filmmaking, mind you, but the death of movies actually shot on film as opposed to digital technologies. Time and time again, however, film has proven resilient thanks to its higher resolution image quality and longevity. Artists simply won't let it die as it's still widely considered to be the ideal format for filmmaking, but in a few year's time, that decision may not be the artist's to make.

A truly excellent article by Debra Kaufman over at Creative Cow Magazine outlines the current state of film production around the world and the future is looking dimmer than ever for fans of the physical medium. Kaufman reveals that the world's leading manufactures of film cameras - ARRI, Panavison and Aaton - have all ceased production on their respective camera lines. The big three haven't stopped manufacturing cameras cold turkey, they're just no longer producing them on a regular basis. It's possible to contact them directly and commission the creation of a brand new camera, but the dwindling demand for new cameras has rendered line production of them no longer financially viable.

But the ceased production of new cameras isn't quite as dire as it sounds because there is still a global supply of high quality used cameras. But will companies like Kodak still bother to manufacture film stock to use in those cameras? Will companies like Panavision still be around to process that stock? And will studios even bother to strike 35mm prints of their films for distribution? Kaufman answers all those questions and more in great detail in her piece, so we highly encourage you to read it in full.

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