See Concept Art from Ron Howard's Cancelled Adaptation of Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower'

See Concept Art from Ron Howard's Cancelled Adaptation of Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower'

Jun 26, 2014

If you've read Stephen King's The Dark Tower, you no doubt know it could make for one hell of a live-action franchise. You also probably no doubt know that it would actually make for a much better longform TV series like Game of Thrones (even King agrees in that regard) than a movie. But, as of right now, Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman's have the rights to the sprawling fantasy series about a gunslinger's quest to catch and kill a lone figure called the Man in Black, and they're hoping to turn it into a trilogy with a TV series between movies, though no studio has actually taken them up on that plan.

As much as we love to root for movies around here, we actually kind of hope that Howard and Goldsman's plans for a Dark Tower movie trilogy never do get off the ground. There's just too much material in the books to condense into even three movies. It really does deserve the Game of Thrones HBO treatment, but that will never happen so long as the movies are still in the works.

This week some concept art (and video; see above) created for the movie has been put online by illustrator Gregory Hill, and while it's not exciting material (it's basically just a tour through a few key locations from the books), it being published may be a sign that the movie has completely stalled. Universal was the last studio working with them on it, and this may be from the version that it nixed. Most movies don't let concept art out into the wild until after the movie has come out, so this could mean that whatever work Hill did would have never seen the light of day otherwise.

At least that's what the optimist in this big fan of The Dark Tower hopes for. Check out more concept art below.

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