A 'Dark Knight Rises' Prologue Comic Exists, and Why You Probably Can't Read It

A 'Dark Knight Rises' Prologue Comic Exists, and Why You Probably Can't Read It

Aug 21, 2012

Ever since The Dark Knight Rises hit theaters, folks have been itching to know more about the story, the characters and what happened in those eight (cinematic) years since the Joker tore the joint up in The Dark Knight. There was a brief snippet in The Dark Knight Rises novelization that mentioned Joker and his whereabouts, but not much else. Which is why it's pretty cool to hear that a Dark Knight Rises prologue exists in the form of a motion comic that you can devour right now. The only problem is you have to own a Nokia Windows phone in order to read it via a downloadable app.

Raise your hand if you own a Nokia Windows phone. Yeah, we didn't think so.

So why did they release such a meaty treat exclusively to Nokia? Well the short answer is that it's part of a deal between DC Comics and Nokia that's been in place for awhile now, so that's why. In addition to the prologue, fans can also download a Batman: Origins app featuring original comic origins for all the stars of the Dark Knight trilogy.

The prologue is the more interesting one, though, and based on the images released (see above) it seems to focus on what happens right before the movie begins, revealing how Bane executed the plot to take Dr. Pavel hostage. As we can see in one image, a car is racing toward the private plane with a city in flames off in the distance, alluding to a battle that took place prior to the film's opening sequence. Expect the motion comic to tell that story, perhaps adding a bit more of Bane being a badass.

If you have a Nokia Windows phone, then feel free to share more details in the comments. You can also download the apps here. Hopefully this motion comic will be made available to everyone else in the coming days. [via DC Comics]

Update: Movies.com reader @marksingletree contacted us via Twitter with details of the motion comic, and sadly it appears there's no new information: 

"Just watched. It's literally the opening of TDKR but as a motion comic, thus adding to my sadness of owning a Windows phone. The image you posted of the burning city was about the only new thing and that wasn't explained at all. It does say, "To Be Continued" so maybe they'll do the whole movie like this just to embarrass Nokia Windows phones owners more?"

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