'The Dark Knight Rises' Countdown: Teasers and Tunes as it All Falls Down…

'The Dark Knight Rises' Countdown: Teasers and Tunes as it All Falls Down…

Jul 13, 2011

Chris Clow is a comic book expert, retailer and contributor to Batman-On-Film.com and ModernMythMedia.com. When not geeking out, he is a Political Science major at Western Washington University. You can find his Dark Knight Rises Countdown column here at Movies.com every other Thursday, and his comic book reviews at BOF for various monthly titles. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisClow.

Well, just when you think things will calm down on the front for The Dark Knight Rises, it’s always something that springs up out of nowhere. Welcome back to The Dark Knight Rises Countdown, your bi-weekly dose of news in the production of Christopher Nolan’s Batman finale. If you’re just joining us this week, I just want to let you know, and remind those that have been reading, that you can find a new edition of this column every two weeks right here at Movies.com.

News about the film for the past couple of weeks have had some spoilers through less than on-the-level means, so just to let you know, out of respect for the filmmakers, anything that has made it to the internet through unsavory practices will not be reported in this column. This way, the spoilers will only get to those that absolutely want to see them, and I continue a longstanding practice of Jett, my editor at my own Batcave of the web, Batman-On-Film.com. Anyone curious about a stance like this, I’d encourage you to check out a recent and wonderful opinion piece posted at BOF by contributor Dr. Gregory Bray, entitled, “A Story Worth Visiting.”

Anyways, now that the preliminary stuff is out of the way, on with the news reported by BOF from July 1st to 12th:


Tom Hardy Interviewed About TDKR, Nolan

On July 1st, Jett reported that actor Tom Hardy, who portrays the pumped-up wild dog villain Bane in the forthcoming film, was interviewed by the French film website Allocine.fr when the conversation drifted to the territory of Gotham City and the director bringing it to life one last time. In the short video, Hardy talks about the immense amount of security in keeping the plot details and designs of the film a secret, and about the way that Christopher Nolan works as a director.

You can see the video, via BOF from Allocine.fr, below:


Stunt Accident on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Set in Scotland

It was reported last month that a large stunt for the film would be shot in Scotland that had close ties to the purported “action centerpiece” of the film. Unfortunately, Jett reported on July 5th that a stuntman was injured in the performance of that stunt. Since Jett provided a link to the report I will here as well, although be advised that it contains spoiler-like details on the scene in question. Suffice it to say that the stuntman is fine, but if you feel compelled to read the report, it can be found at the website for The Press and Journal.


Hans Zimmer (Briefly) Talks About Returning to Gotham

For Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, musical duties were handled by the powerful team-up of composers Hans Zimmer and James Newton-Howard. Howard’s more humanistic tone was used in composing pieces dealing with Bruce Wayne’s emotional journey, while Zimmer’s thunderous basses amped up the feeling of the action scenes and synched well with the sheer force of will that Batman displays. Well according to the film’s official press release from some time ago, Howard’s name isn’t to be found for this film and Zimmer is going it alone.

Back on July 5th, BOF reported that Zimmer talked briefly to BBC News about his upcoming work on Rises. No earth-shattering details were let loose, but he did speak about his working relationship with Nolan, the kinds of sounds he’s listening to currently in order to prepare for the work, and mentions how “unusual” his conceptualizations are for the music this time around. Given his inspired use of a razor on a violin for the Joker’s tone-theme in the last film, I’ll be interested to see what “unusual” means here!


First Teaser Trailer With Deathly Hallows Part 2

Around July 8th, several outlets began reporting that the first teaser trailer for the film would be attached to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. After numerous conflicting reports and false claims, an off-the-level source may have confirmed that this is in fact the case. We won’t know for sure until midnight tomorrow, but several theaters reported that they didn’t have the trailer, while several others did.

A strange bit of circumstances seem to surround this particular item, but those concerns should all be laid to rest within 24 hours!


First Teaser Poster Released Online

Yes! Our first look at the tone and/or aesthetic of the film has finally been released. Early this week, Warner Bros. released the hotly anticipated teaser on the internet and will presumably send it out to theaters very soon, presuming it hasn’t arrived yet. With a sequel to a film that grossed $1 billion, I guess it never hurts to drum up anticipation even a year out from release!

The poster looks into the sky from the streets at skyscrapers crumbling all around the vantage point of the audience, with a white sky being shaped into a bat by the surrounding buildings. A somewhat literal interpretation of the hope of Gotham’s bright tomorrow falling into the hands of the Dark Knight? Whatever the turmoil and the meaning, the poster definitely carries an early promise of a tumultuous threat that Batman must stop, as quite literally all of Gotham could either be saved if he wins, or destroyed if he fails. Great first poster.


The Changing Web…

BOF reported on Tuesday that the official website for the film has changed since the release of the first poster. What was just a big JPEG file has changed into a static image rendered in Adobe Flash, which could mean much more dynamism and activity could be hitting the page very soon. BOF speculates that the aforementioned trailer could appear here first, which wouldn’t be too surprising since the first teaser for The Dark Knight premiered on an official website, albeit one that was involved in the brilliant viral marketing campaign by 42 Entertainment.

Either way, it’s looking like our first look at something having to do with the film isn’t that far away, although maybe we’ll just get a sound sample, as was done with the first teaser for the last film.


Great Time to be a Bat-Fan

Each bit of news sounds as if this film is truly looking at an epic scale, and Nolan just seems to be making things bigger and bigger. After the immensity of Inception, it looks as if the auteur’s final bow with Gotham’s nocturnal avenger will have a scope that may never have been seen before in superhero cinema, and if there’s any character that can bring a scale like this believably to life, it’s Batman. And if there’s any director who can do the same, I believe it definitely is Christopher Nolan. Right now is a very exciting time to be a Batman fan, and with the San Diego Comic Con just around the corner, I’m sure that Batman will make his presence felt one way or another.

Remember the official report about how the last film would have absolutely zero presence at the famed convention? Well, while that was technically true, we all know how that one worked out

Either way, the hype-machine is kicking into gear, and July 20, 2012 can’t get here fast enough. See you again in two weeks, and hopefully we’ll have some more news about how some of the characters will look, and personally, I hope we see something about what they drive, and where they hang out!

There are 371 Days Until The Dark Knight Rises.

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