'The Dark Knight Rises' Reveals Limited Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack

'The Dark Knight Rises' Reveals Limited Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack

Sep 28, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises will officially land on DVD and Blu-ray on December 4, and when it does fans will have the option of purchasing a limited edition "broken cowl" Blu-ray combo pack (see below), which comes jammed with the following features:

- The Journey of Bruce Wayne

- The Batmobile documentary

- Ending the Knight - an in-depth look featuring about 17 featurettes at how Nolan and his production team made The Dark Knight Rises
-- Trailers
-- Art Galleries
You can also buy the film as an individual Blu-ray or DVD, as well as own digital versions, when it all hits shelves on December 4. Those hoping for a complete Dark Knight trilogy set will have to wait a bit longer for word on that front, though one was announced in the U.K. yesterday, so we should hear something soon.  We expect that box set to come stacked with a lot more than what appears to be available here. 
Will you be picking a copy up when it hits shelves this December, or are you holding out for that trilogy set?

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