We Visit 'The Dark Knight Rises' Set and Reveal Four Explosive New Banners

We Visit 'The Dark Knight Rises' Set and Reveal Four Explosive New Banners

May 24, 2012

You saw the series of posters for the upcoming Christopher Nolan film The Dark Knight Rises hit earlier this week, and now straight from Warner Bros. are these wickedly alluring banners (see below) that shine new light on the film that brings the legend of the Batman to an end this July 20th. What more is there to learn? That’s where we come in.

Movies.com was one of the lucky outlets invited to the set of The Dark Knight Rises last year, and we’re very excited to bring you brand new content and interviews surrounding what’s sure to be the biggest release of the summer. Remember that cool football field scene from the trailer? Well we watched them shoot that -- from the stands! Not only that, but we spoke to everyone involved in making what's sure to go down as one of the biggest films of this year and maybe of all time. How does Christian Bale feel about leaving the role of Batman behind? What responsibility does Anne Hathaway hold for returning Catwoman to the silver screen? What insights inform Tom Hardy’s portrayal of the behemoth known as Bane?

Look for all these answers and more from our Dark Knight Rises set report coming soon to Movies.com. In the meantime, obsess over the new banners below. 

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