Someone Please Turn This Awesome Student Short into a Full Feature

Someone Please Turn This Awesome Student Short into a Full Feature

Aug 24, 2012

Whenever we're a little fatigued by what Hollywood is currently churning out, it's always gratifying to know that there's so much amazing talent out there just waiting to be discovered, with most of it still in school. Take, for example, the animated short The Colors of Evil. This was created by students at the Ringling College of Art and Design, and while it's certainly rough around the edges -- not to mention that it'd probably work better in stop-motion -- the premise is kinda brilliant, and the execution of it is so much fun to watch that you're left itching to see a larger feature. 

So what's it about? Well think along the lines of Drop Dead Fred, except this time it's animated and the little girl at the center of the story is visited by a demon she summons in order to conquer a ruthless bully. Only problem is the demon she summons is this lovable pink furball that doesn't look like it could harm a fly. Hilarity and cuteness ensue.

Check it out below. And if you're someone who's powerful enough to turn this thing into a feature, please do so immediately. We want to see more of this story. [via GeekTyrant]

The Colors of EVil from Phillip Simon on Vimeo.

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