'The Collection' Trailer Promises Deadly Traps and Horrible Death

'The Collection' Trailer Promises Deadly Traps and Horrible Death

Sep 19, 2012

Collection posterMarcus Dunstan may be best known for his work as a horror screenwriter (he and partner Patrick Melton were responsible for several Saw sequels and the Feast series), but Dunstan also impressed gore geeks with his work behind the camera in his 2009 directorial debut, The Collector.

Originally conceived as a sort of Saw prequel, the project eventually morphed into a standalone story of a criminal with a penchant for brutal booby traps. The film has since gone on to become a minor cult hit.

Dunstan wasn’t done with the story of The Collector at the end of the first film – and now he and Melton are back with a sequel. The new film is entitled The Collection – and features not only the return of the masked killer from the original, but star Josh Stewart as well.

Yahoo! Movies debuted the full-length trailer for the film today, which you can check out below.

In this outing, our villain captures a wealthy businessman’s daughter, so the distraught father hires a team of mercenaries to infiltrate his lair and rescue her. They’re not going alone, though – Josh Stewart’s Arkin is back for another trip into the abyss. Can he survive a second round? We’ll find out when the film opens nationwide on November 30. If you can’t wait that long, you’ll be able to get an early peek at the film as it premieres at this year’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas

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