Edward Burns is Making a 'Brothers McMullen' Sequel to Coincide with the Original's 20th Anniversary

Edward Burns is Making a 'Brothers McMullen' Sequel to Coincide with the Original's 20th Anniversary

Jan 12, 2012

While Martin Scorsese is off making movies set in Paris and Boston, and Woody Allen is doing his thing in Europe, another quintessential New York director refuses to leave the town he adores. Long Island native -- and one of New York's biggest fans -- Edward Burns has a new film out now called Newlyweds (that he made for only nine grand; watch him discuss the film here), and now he's planning on revisiting his Irish-American heritage for back-to-back films inspired by the one movie that kick-started his career behind the camera, The Brothers McMullen.

Burns' next film (which he's casting now) will follow a Long Island family reuniting over the Christmas holidays, except problems arise when the father (who's divorced from the mother) wants to join in on the festivities as well. Burns is prepping the movie for Christmas 2012, and after that he's decided to revisit his 1995 Sundance Grand Jury winner for a sequel to coincide with the film's 20th anniversary in 2015. He tells IamRogue, "I’ve started to outline the sequel to McMullen. The twentieth anniversary will be in 2015, so my goal is to shoot it at the end of next year to have it ready in time." Burns said he was inspired by what Kevin Smith did with Clerks, adding, "When I saw Clerks II that’s the first time that I got the notion and thought that it was very smart of him to do that. Then the movie turned out great so I was like, why not?"

Does that mean Burns could return to Sundance 20 years later with a sequel to the film that won top prize at the festival all those years ago? It's possible; after all, Brothers McMullen is the most critically-acclaimed film of his career. Though I'd personally rather see it go to the Tribeca Film Festival. Burns is a true New Yorker and the original Brothers McMullen belongs to that city, as should its sequel. Where are the Mcmullen brothers all these years later? Looks like we're about to find out ...


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