Watch All the Best Fantastic Fest Bumpers: 'Looper,' 'Back to the Future' and Cats

Watch All the Best Fantastic Fest Bumpers: 'Looper,' 'Back to the Future' and Cats

Sep 24, 2012

In case the welcome break in tweets-sharing Instagram photos of food-truck cuisine or complaining Austinites trying to cope with rain didn't give it away, the city's Fantastic Fest is happening right now. Amongst the many celebrations at the Texas genre geek's gathering is Fantastic Fest's bumper contest, where filmmakers — and anyone with a camera — edit together entertaining 30-second video nibbles that play before every screening during the festival. They're usually bizarre, humorous and representative of the uniqueness of the event. Each clip always ends the same way: "That's fantastic!" Badass Digest has announced the top six bumpers from this year's fest. The theme for this year's contest was time travel, and filmmakers were free to interpret it however they liked.

Reel Distraction's Back to the Time When Steve Ruined the Dinner Party combines found footage from a stranger's awkward home movie and Back to the Future. Jim and Them's Dire Consequences makes Looper look like a Disney movie — so yeah, don't watch this at work. Alix Bannon and Jenn Murphy's Doctor Meow was the audience vote winner and combines two of the greatest things in life: synth and cats. Yarvo's Sean and Carl Rule the World for 20 Seconds is pretty self-explanatory. Also, coke whores. Jon Huebner delivers a Looper homage in Super Looper, and BenDavid Grabinski's untitled submission employs time travel to correct an embarrassing party faux pas. Check 'em out below, and find out who wins top prize when all six play at tonight's awards ceremony. The audience votes for a bumper champ.

Warning: Some of these are NSFW









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