Off Screen: Where's the 'Avengers' Video Game Tie-In?

Off Screen: Where's the 'Avengers' Video Game Tie-In?

May 07, 2012

Thor and Cap in Avengers

Comic book movies and videogames go hand-in-hand these days, which makes it sort of odd that Joss Whedon’s The Avengers is now in a bazillion theaters across the country, but your local Gamestop doesn’t yet have a playable videogame tie-in vying for space on their shelves.

When recent titles like Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger released, game publisher Sega had titles ready for either the launch of the film or in the weeks immediately after – but a quick perusal of upcoming game releases reveals that there’s no Avengers game on the immediate horizon.

It appears as though there was an Avengers game in development at one point, but that project was canceled when the struggling publisher THQ closed several studios last year. Check out some of the pre-alpha footage of that game below. 

However, those fearing that was the end of the line for Marvel’s team of superheroes can stop worrying – and put away your Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo and Captain America and the Avengers carts. The games are coming (keep those carts handy, though – there’s a good chance that old side-scrolling beat-‘em-up will be better than anything we get that ties into the film. Games based on movies are generally lousy).

Marvel’s Vice President of Game Production TQ Jefferson says big things are in the works when it comes to bringing Whedon’s film to a console near you. To kick things off, the company has already launched Marvel: Avengers Alliance on Facebook, a free-to-play (with purchasable premium content) social media experience that finds players recruiting various Marvel heroes to The Avengers team (even if they were never involved with the team in the comics, apparently…) and then sending them out on various missions against comic book villains. Jefferson says Marvel: Avengers Alliance is “just the tip of the iceberg.”

The main course will apparently be a full-fledged movie tie-in game for the various home consoles. Sega will be replaced by Disney Interactive, and with a promise of “more announcements in the weeks to come,” it appears as though they’re gearing up for a potential reveal at this year’s E3 trade show.

While it’s certainly disappointing to not have an Avengers game to rush home and play after catching the film, the potential upside here is that maybe we’ll get a better experience thanks to the delay. One of the biggest pitfalls of movie tie-ins is that they have a rushed development cycle so they coincide with the film’s release. By spacing out the release date, Marvel and Disney may lose some impulse purchases, but a good game should sell even if the furor surrounding the film has died down. Plus, they can always aim for a release around the movie’s debut on DVD and Blu-ray.

Until then, here’s a great video showing you how you can indeed play The Avengers on your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 right now. You can’t contain The Avengers on one disc, indeed. 

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