'The Avengers' Animated Storyboards Reveal the Wasp, Unused Action Scenes and More

'The Avengers' Animated Storyboards Reveal the Wasp, Unused Action Scenes and More

Aug 26, 2013

Avengers Storyboard

If you can’t get enough of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, we can understand – it’s a superhero tour de force that still entertains even on multiple viewings. However, if you’ve seen the movie a bunch of times already and are looking for something new and different, these animated intro clips from artist Federico D’Alessandro should fill the bill.

Each of the clips show an early animated conceptual sequence from Whedon’s film – like an animated storyboard, basically. In some cases, the animation re-creates something we saw in the film. In others, like this Iron Man clip, it shows something that wasn’t used at all.

In this clip, Tony Stark is introduced squaring off against some cyborg-type supervillain who gives him a real run for his money.

That wasn’t the only unused Iron Man sequence D’Alessandro dreamed up. In this second version, Iron Man is in fast and furious pursuit of Loki while the underground lab they’re in is disintegrating around them. It’s a cool sequence for sure.

This third clip isn’t an unused scene, but a reworking of a scene that actually appeared in the film. In this clip, Tony Stark and Loki engage in some important dialogue at Stark Tower. It plays out a bit differently than it does in the completed version, proving that screenplays undergo countless revisions in the process of moving from the page to the screen.

Finally, we close with the gateway opening scene in the final act. This one isn’t noticeably different from the film version, except that at the 17-second mark we get a glimpse of Wasp – who was cut from the finished film.

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