First Look: 'The Avengers' Will Get Its Own Specialty 3D Glasses

First Look: 'The Avengers' Will Get Its Own Specialty 3D Glasses

Jan 30, 2012

People still aren't very keen on the 3D experience even though films like Martin Scorsese's Hugo give us hope that there are filmmakers who will go above and beyond to incorporate 3D into their films in the most fun, creative ways possible. Still, though, a lot of films are being converted to 3D, including Marvel's The Avengers, due out this May 4th. So how do they get folks excited about a 3D experience that probably won't add much value to the overall moviegoing experience? Well, by partnering with RealD3D to create custom 3D glasses that fans can pick up to make their experience seeing The Avengers in theaters a memorable one.

BadTaste managed to get their hands on a sample image promoting the 3D glasses created to tie in to The Avengers, and you'll see that there are four pairs of glasses in total, each connected to a different character (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Incredible Hulk). From what we understand, each pair will run you about five bucks, and they'll be available once the film hits theaters.

One bonus of this image is a new look at Tony Stark's Manhattan apartment in the background, complete with circular landing pad and the words 'STARK' stretched across the side of the building.

Check out the full image below, and click to enlarge.

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