A Taste of What the Marketing for 'The Avengers 2' Might Look Like

A Taste of What the Marketing for 'The Avengers 2' Might Look Like

Jul 27, 2012

Marvel's Phase Two is officially underway, and as they did with Phase One, Phase Two will end with another Avengers movie. Their upcoming release schedule, as it stands now, ends with a Guardians of the Galaxy movie in August 2014. Assuming Marvel doesn't try to squeeze an Ant-Man movie into 2014 (which they might), we should go right from Guardians to The Avengers 2, which will most likely include both the characters from The Avengers as well as characters from Guardians of the Galaxy in one massive superhero film that will in all likliehood be billed as the biggest superhero movie of all time. 

So what would the marketing for a movie like that look like? Well one fan took it upon themselves to create a banner that mashed together The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, giving us a taste of what we might expect to see on the side of a bus once Avengers 2 rolls around. 

Check it out below and click to enlarge. [via Reddit]

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