International Trailer Domination Tour: Alien Bikinis, Japanese Anime, Denmark's Version of Morgan Spurlock and More

International Trailer Domination Tour: Alien Bikinis, Japanese Anime, Denmark's Version of Morgan Spurlock and More

Aug 05, 2011

Twitch Film and once again present the International Trailer Domination Tour, a selection of the best – and one crazy-ass low-budget success story – trailers from upcoming international films. In this edition we’ve got the return of an anime master, slick Korean gangster action, UK first person horror, an alien in a bikini and a documentary stunt that should have Morgan Spurlock blushing in shame at how tame his ideas are.

1. A Letter To Momo by Hiroyuki Okiura, Japan

It was eleven years ago that director Hiroyuki Okiura burst on to the scene as the director of the Mamoru Oshii scripted anime feature Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade. In my opinion, Jin-Roh is one of the greatest animated feature films ever made and the future could not have looked brighter for Okiura but following it up was ... nothing. Eleven years later he is finally back on the scene with his sophomore feature, the kid-friendly A Letter To Momo, set to have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

2. Invasion Of Alien Bikini by Oh Young-doo, South Korea (pictured above)

You ready for the success story? Oh Young-doo shot his feature film Invasion Of Alien Bikini for less than five thousand dollars. Yes, it revolves around a bikini clad alien trying to collect sperm. But despite the low budget and crazy premise – or perhaps because of them – Oh’s film has become a sensation, winning top prize at the Yubari Film Festival, screening at PiFan in South Korea and Fantasia in Montreal and soon to appear at Fantastic Fest in Austin. But first? A full scale theatrical release in South Korea. Really. If you’ve got five grand, a bikini and a bag of talent that’s all it takes.

3. Hollow by Michael Axelgaard, UK

Another title fresh from Fantasia is Michael Axelgaard’s Hollow, which had its world premiere at the massive Montreal genre fest. A new entry in the found footage world, Hollow draws heavily on British folklore and exceptionally strong character work to do something new with the genre, creating something as much a psychological thriller as it is a horror film.

4. Countdown by Huh Jong-ho, South Korea

Our second entry from South Korea is considerably slicker than the first and plays considerably less on the bikini-factor for its success. Huh Jonh-ho’s debut film Countdown will premiere as part of the prestigious Special Presentations program at the Toronto International Film Festival – a rare event for a debut picture. What got it there? How about the fact that the debt collector meets con artist story is exactly the sort of high end, glossy yet violent fare that drove the original explosion of Korean cinema in the early days of Park Chan-wook and Kim Ji-woon.

5. The Ambassador by Mads Brugger, Denmark

So, you think eating nothing but McDonald’s makes Morgan Spurlock a bold and brave force for truth? Well, check out Denmark’s Mads Brugger. For his first film - The Red Chapel - Brugger bluffed his way into North Korea by pretending to be a communist theatre director. And for his second – the upcoming The Ambassador - Brugger literally bought himself a diplomatic passport for the Central African Republic to chronicle his life spent as a freewheeling, underhanded ‘diplomat’ swinging deals with diamond traders and gangsters to find out what the life there is really like.

PLEASE NOTE: I have spoken to the producers of this film. This is all 100% real. Welcome to life as a European satirist, where the pursuit of education and entertainment can get you killed.

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