Here's The Shocking Alternate Ending for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Here's The Shocking Alternate Ending for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Aug 04, 2014

Warning: Spoilers!

Whatever your thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are, you can't deny the film is bookended by some pretty terrific sequences, from the opening plane fight featuring Peter Parker's parents (Campbell Scott and Embeth Davidtz) to the harrowing finale in which Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy takes a deadly spill. After the gut-wrenching Gwen Stacy scene, we're at a graveyard mourning her death alongside a really broken-up Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield). Eventually Parker finds a way to move on and continue being Spider-Man, even though the death of his girlfriend is still eating him up inside.

But that's not the ending that was originally planned! A new video has popped up (reportedly it's from the DVD/Blu-ray special features) revealing a very surprising alternate ending in which Parker's father returns to surprise his son while he's mourning Gwen at her gravesite. The scene is another really emotional moment for Peter, who's just about lost his marbles between Gwen's death and his father suddenly appearing in front of him, with the bearded stranger attempting to explain his disappearance.

Note: The video has been removed

We hear pop belt out the iconic Spidey line, "With great power comes great responsibility," telling Peter he was meant to fix the problems he created. It's a pretty crazy twist ending, but we can see why it was cut. Not only does it take something away from the tremendous loss of Gwen, but it also throws a wrench in the story with Peter's dad back in the mix. Plus it's a whole lot for this poor kid to deal with all at one time, and we need Spidey out fighting the bad guys, not sitting in self-help groups for hours on end.

Check out the ending above and let us know what you think. Good idea to cut it?




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