Watch: Four Big-Name Genre Directors Create Cool Short Films Tied to 'The Conjuring'

Watch: Four Big-Name Genre Directors Create Cool Short Films Tied to 'The Conjuring'

Jul 18, 2013

3:07 AM Project

James Wan’s supernatural fright flick The Conjuring is set to open this weekend, bringing some much needed chills to a very hot summer box office season. In the feature, which was based on an allegedly true story, paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren investigate a haunting in a secluded country home. One of the signs that paranormal shenanigans are afoot (aside from people getting tossed around like rag dolls) manifests when the clocks stop at 3:07 a.m. – a time known as the Devil’s Hour, apparently.

Vice and the folks behind The Conjuring have hired four big-name directors to craft their own unique short films centered around the most dangerous moment of the day. The fruits of their labor (tied together under the moniker The 3:07 AM Project -- which sounds like a blog devoted to the Art Bell show in some strange way) are now available online.

Featuring microshorts from directors Nacho Vigalondo (the guy who brought us Timecrimes), Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis, House of the Devil director Ti West, and Jason Eisener (the mastermind behind Hobo with a Shotgun), all four clips are interesting (no small feat given their brief running times) and it’s hard to pick a favorite. The setup of Landis’ piece is great, but the payoff feels too abrupt and not exactly worthy of the premise. West’s video is creepy, but then closes with a predictable jump scare. Eisener’s is arguably the most complete offering in the package – and it’s a good closer for the video.

You’ll find all of the videos from The 3:07 AM Project below – give them a watch and let us know which ones were your favorites in the comment section. 


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