The Unrated Version of 'Texas Chainsaw' Will Not Be on Blu-ray, Only Digital Download

The Unrated Version of 'Texas Chainsaw' Will Not Be on Blu-ray, Only Digital Download

Apr 23, 2013

By now we're all used to the trend of every major studio horror movie hitting the home video market with the word "unrated" scrawled in red lettering on the Blu-ray and DVD covers. The new Texas Chainsaw, however, isn't going that route when it hits shelves on May 14, 2013. Oh, it'll have an unrated cut, but you can't physically buy it-- it's only available as a separate digital purchase.

That means if you buy the Blu-ray combo pack, the digital copy that comes with it is for the standard theatrical cut of the movie, not the unrated one. As our memory serves, this is the first time a studio has pulled something like this, and it's a little obnoxious.

Not because the unrated cut is going to drastically improve the theatrical film. Usually that just means the movie has a few deleted scenes put back in, and usually they're nothing that would have affected the rating in the first place. But, it's a new cut of the movie, and so it earns that attractive-to-horror-fans label of being unrated, and in this case fans are going to have to double dip their purchases if they want to see both the theatrical and unrated cuts of this sloppy sequel to Tobe Hooper's original slasher.

We just hope this doesn't become a trend. It's one thing to double dip with a new special edition of a Blu-ray months after the first, we really don't want to start double dipping with digital downloads, too.



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