Terminators, F-bombs, Watchmen and crazy Norse lumberjacks!

Terminators, F-bombs, Watchmen and crazy Norse lumberjacks!

Mar 03, 2009

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    Terminator: Salvation

    Christian Bale Trashin’ the Scene This is the trailer that finally convinced me that this is gonna be the best Terminator movie of ‘em all. Yes, even better than T2. It’s also impossible to watch without imagining the Bale rant as the voiceover.
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    Watchmen Opening … Day … Almost … Here Maybe I’m immature, but my fave part of this interactive featurette thingie was when it asked me for a name and I entered “Buttmaster,” and then it appeared in a newspaper blowing around on the street.
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    Cover Your Ears Never before in the history of cinema have I seen such a glorious montage of F-bombs.
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    Lighten Up And the director might be … Drew Barrymore? I dig that. She’s a funny chick, and if there was one thing Twilight was lacking it was a sense of humor.
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    Russell Brand

    Re-Animator vs. Arthur vs. Total Recall vs. Neverending Story

    Remake Roundup Technically, none of these movies need to exist, but logic isn’t going to stop the mind-numbing avalanche of do-overs. So let’s consider which one has the best chance of sucking the least. I’m going to go with Arthur, because comedy is the most remake-able genre, and because Russell Brand is awesome and hilarious.
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    Tron 2

    CLU’s Notes A few highlights from a fanboy who allegedly has read the script: “Light Cycles vs. Light Jets,” “There’s a CLU character,” “The story takes place 25 years after the original,” “Big Disc Battle!”
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    Stimulus Package Ridley Scott’s absurd board-game adaptation will “deal with real-life economic issues.” I don’t know about you, but I was totally planning on buying the B&O railroad before this damn recession hit.
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    Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

    Back to the Future Anna Faris and the horndogs in this trailer understand time-travel way more than any of the idiots on Lost.
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    Severed Ways

    Timberland This trailer is just bizarre. There’s really no way to describe it. I’ll try anyway. There’s a Norse guy trying to chop down a tree, and he keeps chopping on the tree, and … OK, this already sounds stupid. But trust me. It’s pretty rad. Especially if you appreciate how hard it is to chop down a tree.
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    Damn Yankees

    Ted Nugent Damn It! I really hoped this was a musical about the 1990 supergroup featuring Ted Nugent and members of Styx and Night Ranger. No such luck.

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