Update: 'Thor: The Dark World' Director Wanted for 'Terminator' Reboot

Update: 'Thor: The Dark World' Director Wanted for 'Terminator' Reboot

Sep 05, 2013

Update 9/5/13: Variety is reporting the three studios behind the Terminator reboot are in negotiations with Alan Taylor to direct the film. He is not currently signed on the dotted line, and none of the parties involved have comment about the report, but if it pans out, this would be an even bigger step up for Taylor, who went from directing a few Game of Thrones episodes to this November's Thor: The Dark World.


Previously (6/27/13): What to Expect from the 'Terminator' Reboot, Due Out Summer of 2015

Big news tonight as Paramount makes things nice and official by revealing the release date for the next Terminator movie: June 26, 2015. With that, though, comes even more news: it'll be a reboot and the first part of a new trilogy. The official press release doesn't confirm Arnold Schwarzenegger as the star, but Deadline says he's in and the guy has already gone on record saying they'll be shooting in January. 

We have Arnold, a new Terminator trilogy and a release date. No director, no other cast members and no plot. So what can we expect? Well, the latest round of rumors may not be so far off. They claimed Dwayne Johnson was wanted for a major role -- one that would have him starring as the enemy Terminator sent back to the '40s or '50s to wipe out other members of the Connor family (Sarah's parents or grandparents?).

Naturally Arnold Schwarzenegger would be there to help save the day, and it would be this older (most likely human) version of Schwarzenegger that would be used as the basis for the T-800 model in the future, with the reasoning being that he had all this success against the robots they decided to model said robots after him. Or maybe Schwarznegger IS one of the Connors (Sarah's dad or grandfather), and they go back in time to kill him??? In all seriousness, if they want to reboot Terminator AND keep Arnold, then it makes the mose sense if he's the first Connor the robots are sent to kill. 

It's a great premise, and it'd be even more fun if they set all three movies in different time periods, with one telling the T-800 origin story, another reintroducing a new Sarah Connor and then a third that could return to the future for an epic grand finale where humans make a last stand against their robot overlords. 

Is this the route they'll take? Who knows? It'd be a fun one, though, to see three films with completely different aesthetics because they take place in three completely different time periods. Either way, I hope they spin it around on Arnold and make it more about his character's smarts than his muscle. To truly reinvent the franchise, they need to start with its most iconic character. If we buy that setup, we'll be hooked for it all. Oh, and get Rian Johnson to direct the first one. He makes good time-travel movies.

What do you think? Where should they go with a Terminator reboot, and how much of the preexisting franchise should they use when retelling this story from the beginning?



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