Ooh, Is This What the T-800 Robot Will Look Like in 'Terminator: Genesis'?

Ooh, Is This What the T-800 Robot Will Look Like in 'Terminator: Genesis'?

Jun 18, 2014

Terminator Genesis T-800 figure head

The 2014 Licensing Expo is happening in Las Vegas as we speak – and while that might not sound like a particularly exciting thing in and of itself, it’s actually pretty cool if you’re into some early sneak peeks at coming attractions on the movie front.

Perhaps the most interesting thing uncovered at this year’s event is this model of a T-800 promoting Terminator: Genesis. Is this an early glimpse of what the killing machines will look like in the upcoming film? It seems likely. The new version doesn’t look substantially different from the older T-800s, but we get excited about giant murderous robots around here and wanted to share.

Terminator Genesis T-800

There are countless other properties with marketing materials on display, and here are a few of our favorites:

This new banner for Batman v Superman features the same logo we’ve seen for almost a year, but now it’s got the subtitle Dawn of Justice slapped on there too. 

Batman v Superman banner

Speaking of giant robots, here’s your obligatory Transformers: Age of Extinction image, which features a robot on a robot dinosaur. We’re pretty sure the Internet can just close up shop now. It will be hard to find anything more amazing than this.

Transformers 4 banner

Finally, we close with this sort of abstract advertisement for G.I. Joe 3. Is it about brick laying? Your guess is as good as ours.

GI Joe 3

Swing by Coming Soon for an entire gallery of shots from the expo floor, covering things like the Peanuts movie, the latest Fast & Furious, and even some TV stuff like Gotham and Constantine

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