Get Your First Look at One of Schwarzenegger's Fellow Terminators in 'Terminator: Genesis'

Get Your First Look at One of Schwarzenegger's Fellow Terminators in 'Terminator: Genesis'

Apr 30, 2014

Aaron WilliamsonUnless you're Dwayne Johnson or one of the other buff actors he's trained, you have no reason to know the name of bodybuilder, former Marine and Mr. New Orleans winner Aaron Williamson. You may be more familiar with the name T-800, which was the model number of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator in James Cameron's original film. Two years from now, however, Aaron Williamson's name and the T-800 may be going hand in hand.

Williamson has been cast in the upcoming Terminator: Genesis in an undisclosed role, but a note he wrote to friends and family to tell them about the new job has spread around the Web, and it confirms that he'll be playing a T-800 in the film:

"Thanks to an amazing team of people who help me get better each week, both physically & creatively, I'll be playing a T-800 (Terminator) in the upcoming production Terminator: Genesis. I'm extremely grateful & motivated as this new chapter begins to take shape."

One thing to pay attention to in his note is that he says he'll be playing "a T-800" and not "the T-800," so it's a safe assumption he's not just going to be a body double for Arnold or something like that.

This all aligns with some of the early buzz around the film involving Arnold as an old-age T-800 traveling back to the events of the first film, and giving us a fresh perspective on it all. For example, one scene rumored involves revisiting the moment from Cameron's first film where Arnold encounters a gang of punks (including Bill Paxton) in an alley and murders them to take their clothes. Terminator: Genesis will show that scene as it played out, and then when it ends as we've seen it, old-age Arnold will enter the alley and start a whole new scene.

So it's quite possible that Williamson is playing another T-800 that's sent back in time to get the whole universe back on track toward the "robopocalypse" now that Arnold's T-800 is messing it all up again. Or maybe he'll just be in a random throwaway scene. Who knows? Either way, congrats to Williamson from transitioning from behind-the-scenes trainer to on-camera actor.

And here's a picture of Williamson getting James Marsden into shape for X-Men: Days of Future Past The Best of Me.

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