Terminator 5 to Feature Entire Original Cast?

Terminator 5 to Feature Entire Original Cast?

Apr 29, 2011

  • By now I’m sure we’re all aware that Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed on to do a fifth installment of the Terminator franchise, tentatively and quite unoriginally titled Terminator 2012. While the movie is still searching for a studio to call home, folks in Arnold’s camp have dropped an interesting piece of news. Apparently, all the original cast members are on board. What this means exactly is anyone’s guess, but we presume Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong and even Michael Biehn are returning and that the story will take place in the present day. Considering the gradual decline in both interest and box office numbers, a story that follows the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day – easily the most popular of the franchise – makes sense. What do you think Terminator fans? Does the addition of the “original cast” pique your interest or should this franchise targeted for termination? --Derrick Deane

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