Watch: Are These the 10 Greatest Improvised Scenes in Movie History?

Watch: Are These the 10 Greatest Improvised Scenes in Movie History?

Aug 19, 2014

Joe Pesci Goodfellas

Film is a collaborative medium, one wherein a vast and diverse group of people come together with a plan that must gel into a cohesive (and entertaining) whole. Screenwriters create a skeleton that a director and actors build upon, but sometimes the blueprint is merely a guide – and not an etched-in-stone plan to be followed to the letter. Improv plays a huge role in cinema, and the guys at Cinefix have crafted this video highlighting 10 of the greatest improvised scenes in movie history.

From Apocalypse Now through to Bridesmaids, this 10-minute-long clip covers some great scenes that weren’t in the shooting script of their respective films. It’s a cool piece of movie history for fans who may not have realized that some of cinema’s most enduring scenes were captured spontaneously, when directors allowed actors to simply be in the moment.

Check out the 10 scenes below, then let us know what improvised sequences you’d include in your own personal list in the comment section. 




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