Teen Beat: Whatever Happened to Devon Sawa?

Teen Beat: Whatever Happened to Devon Sawa?

Oct 17, 2011

If you’re worried that you’re a sociopath, you could try putting on the 1995 movie Casper and fast forwarding to the end where Casper turns into a real boy and dances with Christina Ricci. If you don’t cry, you’re probably a serial killer. Call 911 on yourself.

If you’re still reading, this column is about the boy behind Casper: Devon Sawa, arguably the '90s teen actor most associated with the Teen Beat magazine era. He and his buddy Jonathan Taylor Thomas ran a monopoly on the covers until the late '90s, when they were replaced by Justin Timberlake and *NSYNC.

Casper was Sawa’s first big movie and it launched him into the minds and hearts of teenage girls everywhere. Who didn’t love his sparkling blue eyes and his blond hair that somehow miraculously parted right down the center? He looked like he was always this-close to letting you hop on the handlebars of his bike to give you both matching puka-shell necklaces.

Checking in with him today, Sawa isn’t doing too badly! He’s got a reoccurring guest role on the CW’s Nikita, as a sassy assassin. And guys, I don’t watch Nikita, but the scenes I saw on Youtube were pretty sexy.

This is the perfect time for Sawa to make an enormous film comeback. His pals Christina Ricci and Jonathan Taylor Thomas are back on top in Pan Am and EW’s Home Improvement reunion and Lion King re-release, respectively.

Here’s what’s up with Devon Sawa today.

Questions You Might Have About Devon Sawa Now

Is Devon Sawa still hot?

Yeah! He’s definitely gotten older in a Leo DiCaprio kind of way (he’s 33 now.) But he’s still pretty sexy, guys. In the Nikita scene I found on Youtube, he’s in his underwear and handcuffed to a bed. I was not displeased. Run, don’t walk!

What was Devon Sawa’s first acting gig?

As if he couldn’t get any more '90s, Devon Sawa started out as a Nerf spokesperson.

What nationality is Devon Sawa?

Though he looks like good ol’ blond-haired, blue-eyed American stock, Devon Sawa is actually Canadian. He was born in Vancouver and his father is Polish.

Did Devon Sawa like being on the cover of Teen Beat as a child star?

No! He actually hated it. He told the LA Times recently that he grew up in a neighborhood where he would get teased for his budding fame.

“Luckily in Canada those magazines weren't very popular at the time. I was against doing those magazines. But it didn’t matter what I did, my face was plastered all over them. It was surreal,” he said. “They would find a way to get me on there. Now, I just sort of shrug it off. It got me to where I am today.”

How humble!

Does Devan Sawa do this own stunts?

He does! He played all the football in Little Giants. ...Oh, you meant on Nikita? Yeah, I guess there too.

Remember that wildlife movie, Wild America? Does Devon Sawa keep in touch with Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

They did for a couple years, but then as he told the LA Times, JTT wanted to focus on school and the two superstars went their separate ways. He did recall one cool incident when some girls chased them in a town car in London. “I felt like a Beatle,” Sawa said.

A Teen Beat-le. Nailed it.

I heard JTT doesn’t want to act anymore, but it seems like Sawa does?

He definitely does! He told Perez Hilton that he felt burnt out at 25, after having acted starting at age 11, but now he’s back in the game for good.

“I love acting, I love being in this business, I love doing this stuff, so I'm glad to be back,” he said. We’re glad to have you, buddy!

What kind of movies would Devon Sawa really like to do?

He’s mentioned teaming up with Christina Ricci for a romantic comedy. Someone make it happen, please!

Is Devon Sawa single?

Nope. He’s engaged.

To some celebrity girl I bet! Is it the girl from Little Giants? If it’s Christina Ricci, I’d actually be okay with it.

Guess again, Judge Judy. He told Perez Hilton his fiance’s a normal Canadian girl with a normal job. So all those nights you spent staring up at your ceiling and wondering if Devon Sawa would ever date a simple girl from the suburbs were not in vain. Turns out, he would!

How does Devon Sawa defend being in Final Destination?

He loves horror movies! And he thinks the franchise supports young actors. Whatever, like you didn’t watch every since installment and love it. Chill out. He’s allowed to be in every Final Destination movie he wants, okay? Little known fact: After that swimming pool sex scene in Slackers, Devon Sawa won the ability to be in whatever shitty movie he wants, consequence-free. That’s how it works in Hollywood and also in my lady brain. Truth.

Gaby, did you love SLC Punk! when you were a teenager?

Yes! Though I was never a punk, I felt like it really captured the ennui and feelings of despair and conflict in the youth. That, and they had great hair: Devon Sawa doing LSD in a green mohawk? Yes, please. Also, the whole accidental overdose, becoming a bum and passing up Harvard thing was a really good message. It’s a cult classic!

It seems like Devon Sawa plays some messed-up roles. Did you know that he was Stan in the music video for Eminem's Stan?

I didn't know that until much later, because I didn't recognize him all angry and Shady-fied. He was fulfilling a different fantasy of mine: one where you shove Dido in a trunk.

But what’s your real favorite Devon Sawa movie?

Well, I absolutely own Idle Hands on DVD. It’s the best.

What’s Idle Hands?

Oh, we can’t be friends now. Sorry.

Idle Hands is an amazing cinematic masterpiece based on the saying, “Idle hands are the devil’s plaything.” It stars Devon Sawa as a listless high school stoner (who in a brilliant move, uses his asthma inhaler as a weed pipe) and Seth Green as one of his two undead zombie buddies. Because Sawa’s character is such a waste of space, his hand gets possessed by the devil and goes on a killing spree, especially when Sawa cuts it off. It’s the perfect campy Halloween movie. I will defend it until the day I turn into a green-skinned undead zombie. Devon Sawa is genius in it.

That movie actually sounds kind of bad.

Your mom actually sounds kind of bad. Oh my god, shut up.

Is Devon Sawa gonna be on Nikita again soon?

Ugh, even though you clearly don’t deserve to know about it -- he is supposed to be in three episodes this season.

Will he be naked again?

We can only hope.





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