Teen Beat: Whatever Happened to Andrew Keegan?

Teen Beat: Whatever Happened to Andrew Keegan?

Oct 04, 2011

Every teen movie needs a perfect douchebag villain. At the top of the jock pedestal, there is no one better than 10 Things I Hate About You’s Andrew Keegan.

Hard-hat hair, white teeth, sick abs: Keegan was so beautiful you almost forget he mostly played dicks throughout his career. I’m not usually one for typecasting, but man was he perfect for those parts.

In 10 Things, Keegan had some of the best moments -- asking Larissa Oleynik if he looked better in a white shirt or a black shirt in his model head shots or squealing as she punched him in the nose during prom.

Would you want anyone else to draw a dick on your face with Sharpie? No, you wouldn’t.

We all know where Keegan’s 10 Things rival Joseph Gordon-Levitt ended up. After solving a series of murders in high school, he dreamt about Leonardo DiCaprio and then he got cancer.

But whatever happened to hottie jerkface Andrew Keegan?

Some Questions You Might Have About Andrew Keegan

Did Andrew Keegan have a role in literally everything in the 90s?

Yes, he did.

He was ubiquitous. His ‘Blue Steel’ model face was everywhere, even if his name was never quite household. He was on the cover of Teen Beat more times than that magazine even came out. I don’t know how that’s possible but it is. Seriously, pick out anything from the 90s, put it into your VCR and you’ll see Andrew Keegan’s face.

He was in episodes of Empty Nest, Baywatch, Full House, Step by Step, Moesha, Boy Meets World, Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, 7th Heaven, Party of Five, Thunder Alley and The Amanda Show. He was in films like Camp Nowhere, Independence Day, 10 Things I Hate About You, and The Broken Hearts Club.

Wait, what do you mean you don’t have a VCR???

How old is Andrew Keegan now?

Child star Andrew Keegan started acting at a very young age. He is now 32 years old. I know. I KNOW.

What is Andrew Keegan’s ethnicity?

I’m glad you asked! I always wondered about that because his caramel skin and dark eyes raise the question of what lovely mix created this foxy gentleman. Turns out Keegan is half-Colombian, half-white. His mother, a hairdresser,  is from Colombia and his father, a voice-over actor, is from Nebraska. So if you’re looking to make your own Andrew Keegan, there’s the recipe.

Does he look the same now though?

Nope. While you can definitely still tell it’s him -- the eyes are unmistakable -- he’s aged a bit in the face. He’s got a kind of mustache and soul patch going on and his cheeks are a bit more, uh, filled out, let’s say. Neither his hair, nor his cheekbones, are as hard and defined. Nothing lasts forever. Not fake summer camps, not chiseled jawlines.

Does Andrew Keegan throw rowdy parties?

He does! In fact, the cops were called to one such loud party in Marina Del Ray last July.

Did Andrew Keegan get tasered by the cops at this party?

He did! He wasn’t officially arrested but he did get handcuffed and shocked after he got angry with police who told him to quiet down Bogie Lowenstein’s -- I mean, Keegan’s -- party. Actually, Keegan later said it was a fundraiser and not a rager. Boo! How is Julia Stiles supposed to dance on tables during something so PG?

He later told TMZ he thought the police were being unfair and using him to set an example. Turns out killer dimples don’t win you favor with the LAPD. They don’t grant you dimple-matic immunity. BOOM! Nailed it.

I guess Andrew Keegan likes charity. Does he play in charity beach volleyball tournaments?

He does! He played in the JAYO Invitational two years in a row starting in 2009.

Will Andrew Keegan draw a dick on your face for charity?

Probably not? Though maybe if you approached him with a Sharpie and few thousand dollars for UNICEF, he’d be game.

Did Andrew Keegan get beat up in Los Angeles last spring?

Unfortunately, he did. Six men randomly attacked Andrew and a group of friends as they were leaving a charity event in LA.  He ended up with three stitches on the mouth after getting punched. But, on the bright side, it led to Keegan starting a community outreach group to prevent future attacks.

If I had to guess, I’d say Devon Sawa was involved somehow.

Does Andrew Keegan have Twitter?

Doesn’t look like it. There’s one that seems legit, but it’s protected and the tweets are locked. Guess you’re too much of a dweeb to read them.

Is Andrew Keegan still acting?

Sure is! He played Jessica Biel’s boyfriend in 7th Heaven even though they look related. Then, he was in a show called Related but he didn’t date anyone who looked like him. In 2008, he was in a movie about pizza called Dough Boys. In 2010, he starred in a sci-fi drama called The Penitent Man and an action movie literally called Kill Speed. (Note: Keanu Reeves does not appear.) He was in an episode of CSI:NY and an episode of House MD. According to IMDB, he has two movies in pre-production right now: The Unknown Son with Dermot Mulroney and Lee Majors and Manson Rising, a biopic about serial killer Charles Manson.

Is Andrew Keegan producing now more than acting?

He is!

But which does he love more?

He told Lifted Magazine that he finds producing to be more challenging, though he does love getting into a role as an actor.

Did he enjoy working with Heath Ledger (RIP)?

He did! In fact, before Ledger died, Keegan would specifically mention working with him on 10 Things. Keegan said he was “amazing.” I’m actually shocked to find no articles with Keegan talking about Ledger after his death. I’m curious as to his thoughts. Step up to the plate, TMZ.

Did he ever date Julia Stiles? They were in O and 10 Things together.


Well, who did Andrew Keegan date?

He dated The Girl Next Door actress Elisha Cuthbert in 2002, but before that he was involved with country singer Leann Rimes. In 1998, he started dating Rimes when she was 15-years-old and he was 19, according to People Magazine. As of right now, he appears to be single. (Get it, girls.)

Did Andrew Keegan get all caught up in celebrity gossip?

He did! The tabloids said he and Rimes were caught in bed together by her father, that he cheated on her with Piper Perabo, and that he only got engaged to her for her country music money.

Does Andrew Keegan generally date crazies?

He kinda does. After Leann Rimes’ nuttiness, another ex-girlfriend accused him of abusing her and filed for a restraining order because he slashed her tires, called her names and gave her dirty looks. Keegan responded that he did none of that and that she was looney tunes. A judge later denied her request for a restraining order so perhaps they were both at fault here. We’ll never know.

Gaby, did every girl you know have posters of Andrew Keegan on their walls?

Yes. He was all over Teen Beat, and he was one of the rare ones to actually pose with mucho chest-o showing. I’m talkin’ shirtless with a conch shell necklace all day, every day. The man was very pretty and very perfect.

What? You didn’t like him, Gaby?

Erg. Sorry to say that I was never that into it. I’d take 10 Things nerd David Krumholtz anyday, but that’s how I roll. Andrew Keegan was the acquired taste for girls who wanted to be like Cher from Clueless and dress like Limited Too sponsored their life. He was too pretty for me, guys. I like a man with a scar or a Star Wars fixation. 

Did Andrew Keegan make out with Dean Cain in Broken Hearts Club?

He did and it rules. Here's the video:

Did he also make out with Timothy Olypant in the same movie?

He did! Here's the video:

But, for real, did he look better in the white shirt or the black shirt?

The black shirt. Come on.

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