Here's When 'Ted 2' Will Probably Hit Theaters

Here's When 'Ted 2' Will Probably Hit Theaters

Aug 16, 2013


Do you want to see more foul-mouthed teddy bears that smoke pot? Of course you do. The world does, really, since Seth MacFarlane's Ted became one of the highest grossing movies of 2012. Star Mark Wahlberg, who plays the slacker faced with ditching his best friend (a raunchy, animated teddy bear named Ted) for his frustrated girlfriend (Mila Kunis), recently hinted that a sequel to the blockbuster was in the works, set to shoot in May next year.

Director Seth MacFarlane confirmed that announcement the other day on his Twitter account, stating Ted 2 would arrive in 2015, and that the studio was aiming for a Passover release date — which means you can expect it sometime the week of April 14-ish. Will MacFarlane conjure up some kind of Three's Company scenario for part two that finds Ted moving in with John and Lori? Will John's wedded bliss last through the sequel, or will he return to his deadbeat ways? These are important questions. Discuss! [Spotted via Bleeding Cool]



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