Taylor Lautner's All-Time Favorite Movie is ... 'The Notebook'?

Taylor Lautner's All-Time Favorite Movie is ... 'The Notebook'?

Sep 21, 2011


Rotten Tomatoes spoke to Taylor Lautner and his abs about his favorite films in anticipation of John Singleton's Abduction opening this week, which finds Lautner uncovering a disturbing family secret. The Twilight heartthrob cites five movies as his ultimate faves, but one pick almost seems like a publicist's ploy to pander to the teen dream's fanbase – The Notebook.
Lautner starts his all-time list with Braveheart, but admits that he's not even sure who directed the epic drama. " … I've probably seen Braveheart like 10 or 15 times. It's just, it's classic; Mel is amazing in it – and I believe he directed it as well, right?" Hmmm. Gladiator also ranks high for the actor, who compliments Russell Crowe's masculine prowess. "Russell's just a stud in that movie," he admits. Man on Fire is apparently a "weird obsession" for the star, as is everything Tony Scott and Denzel Washington do together. " … Tony Scott is one of my favorite directors. Everything they do together is gold." RT commenter King Crunk probably speaks for many when he heartily disagreed and stated Lautner's pick was " … bullsh!t of the highest order. Did he forget about Deja Vu and the Pelham remake??" Latuner's favorite superhero flick, Iron Man, also makes the list. "I'm a little jealous because I would've definitely loved to have been Iron Man. It just seems like it'd be so much fun to film." 
And then we get to The Notebook, Nick Cassavetes' tale of young love in the 1940s starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Lautner tells the site, "I'm gonna go with The Notebook. So that's my romance; that's my love story. Gosling is amazing in it and I love Rachel McAdams. I love that movie." It's not the kind of movie you'd expect a 19-year-old kid to proclaim a lot of love for, especially since it felt so overwhelmingly cookie cutter -- but maybe that makes sense for a boy who doesn't know enough about what love feels like yet. Is this a strange or predictable pick for the young actor, and what do you make of his other four favorite films? Discuss. [via RT]

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