Watch: Here's What a 'Call of Duty' Movie Would Look Like if It Starred Taylor Kitsch

Watch: Here's What a 'Call of Duty' Movie Would Look Like if It Starred Taylor Kitsch

Nov 03, 2014

Call of Duty Taylor Kitsch

Peter Berg and Taylor Kitsch have enlisted for another tour of duty in the latest commercial for Activision’s video game juggernaut Call of Duty.

The duo, who previously collaborated on Battleship and Lone Survivor, are back in battle in this new commercial for the game. As expected, it’s jam-packed with action and spectacle as Kitsch’s character leads the new game’s protagonist through a series of harrowing fights in a futuristic Lagos designed to show off what players can expect when Advanced Warfare hits the local GameStop next week.

Kitsch isn’t the only star featured in the new advertisement – Gone Girl’s Emily Ratajkowski also makes an appearance in one of the clip’s funnier moments.

Activision has a “go big or go home” attitude with its Call of Duty advertising. Previous spots have featured Kobe Bryant, Jimmy Kimmell, Robert Downey Jr. and other celebs in prominent roles. That Hollywood blockbuster mentality has spread to the latest title, developed by Sledgehammer Games, which features actor Kevin Spacey in a prominent role inside the game.

Check out the spot below, then get your wallet and trigger finger ready for next Tuesday’s release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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