A Guide to Liam Neeson's Particular Set of Skills in the 'Taken' Movies

A Guide to Liam Neeson's Particular Set of Skills in the 'Taken' Movies

Jan 09, 2015

We all know Bryan Mills from the Taken series has a particular set of skills. But what are they really? Is he good at baking cakes? Can he play “Flight of the Bumblebee” on the harmonica? In an effort to figure out exactly what Bryan Mills is good at, we’ve poured through the Taken films and made some educated guesses.



Bryan Mills never has to worry about losing an iPhone because he is extremely good at finding lost things. Even if it means flying to Russia and asking door-to-door until everyone in that country hates his guts, he will get that iPhone back. It has valuable pictures of his daughter on it, after all.



Lots of action heroes are bad marksmen. Not Bryan Mills. He can shoot the wing off a wasp during a hurricane. If he takes a shot at you and misses, it’s because he missed on purpose. Not that he would ever do such a thing.



Bryan Mills has been punching fools since those fools were in short pants. His right hook is legendary among terrorists, belligerent drunks, and young punks alike. He doesn’t mess around with fancy movies, preferring instead to unload with a quick fist full of no-nonsense fury.



Superb parallel parking is just one of the many slick car moves Bryan Mills has in his repertoire. He is also a skilled drag racer and can execute stunning parking lot donuts, with or without the aid of snow. According to legend, he’s the guy who invented Tokyo drifting.



Look, if Bryan Mills wants to know something, he’s going to get that information. It doesn’t matter to him if he has to shoot your kneecaps, your spouse’s kneecaps, your children’s kneecaps, or the kneecaps of your entire neighborhood. He will go through kneecaps all day and all night if he has to.



Yes, if Bryan Mills is your dad, you have a higher than normal chance of getting abducted or murdered. But don’t fret! Not only will he eventually find you or your body, but he’s a very loving father figure. You will always be his number one priority, and that is a warm feeling indeed.


Gift Buying

Part of Bryan Mills’ fathering skills includes spectacular gift-giving abilities. This includes little things, such as giant stuffed animals for you to sleep with at night, and big things, such as singing lessons from people like Madonna and Britney Spears. He won’t get you a pony, but that’s just because he’s smart and knows how dangerous they are.



You cannot kill Bryan Mills. He is made of tougher stuff than most people. He knows how to dodge bullets and roll his way out of injury when jumping off buildings. It’s not that his body is any better than yours (well, actually, that is part of it). He just knows how to keep that body from taking any real harm.


Relaxing with Pals

You might think Bryan Mills lives a life of constant stress, what with all the killing and tracking he has to do. But that’s not the case at all. He is also very good at having BBQs with his old action pals. They eat ribs, make s’mores, and drink Rolling Rocks better than any crew on the planet.


Getting into Trouble

What’s the point of having all these skills if you’re not going to use them? More importantly, won’t these skills diminish and atrophy without exercising them? Bryan Mills understands this and always makes sure some sort of trouble is just around the corner. Otherwise he would soon cease to be Bryan Mills, and that would simply not be acceptable.




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