Take your pick: the world will end because of Mayans or zombies

Take your pick: the world will end because of Mayans or zombies

Jun 20, 2009

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    2012 The Most Awesome Stupid/Terrible Movie of the Year Absolutely nobody knows how to destroy stuff on screen like Roland “ID4” Emmerich, and this trailer is proof. To my mind, he blows crap up even better than Michael Bay, especially when it comes to natural disasters. Sure, his movies are brain-dead stupid, and will likely make you dumber for having watched them, but who cares? It’s the end of the world!
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    Woody Harrelson Speaking of the End of the World Here’s a trailer for a zombie comedy that would make a killer double feature with Shaun of the Dead. You absolutely can’t beat zombies getting killed by Woody Harrelson and pianos falling from buildings.
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    Sean Penn We All Owe Sean Penn’s Family a Sincere Thanks Because they’re why he dropped out of the Farrelly Brothers’ Three Stooges adaptation, sending it back into development hell.
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    Cold Souls Sounds Familiar Paul Giamatti plays a character named Paul Giamatti, who puts his soul in cold storage, and then it gets stolen. This is pretty much a blatant ripoff of the Simpsons where Bart trades his soul to Milhouse for $5, but the trailer looks pretty sweet.
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    Shia LaBeouf Peer Into My Crystal Skull … Shia LaBeouf recently started yapping about George Lucas dreaming up a story for Indy 5. Normally I would be worried, but given that the time between the first Indy 4 rumors and actually having that debacle foisted upon us was about 16 years, I wouldn’t hold my breath for this one.

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