Take a Virtual Tour Through the ‘Ender’s Game’ Fan Experience at Comic-Con

Take a Virtual Tour Through the ‘Ender’s Game’ Fan Experience at Comic-Con

Jul 17, 2013

Ender's Game at Comic Con

Bummed you didn’t get to check out Battle School on the Ender’s Game set first hand? We’ve got you covered. Disappointed you didn’t make it out to San Diego for Comic-Con this year? We’ve still got you covered because not only did Movies.com get a preview of the Ender’s Game Fan Experience, but we’ve also got a video walkthrough of the facility so you can check out some of the set pieces, props and costumes for yourself.

The setup consisted of various rooms all made up of actual items used in the film. First stop, the Wiggin home on Earth, which closely resembles your average living room, adorned with throw pillows, books and family photos. From there it’s into the spaceship that transports young Ender from Earth to Battle School in space, and then it’s off to the Battle School itself, first for a peek at the dormitory setup and then into a classroom setting, appropriately featuring some encouraging words from Harrison Ford’s Colonel Graff.

The next portion of the experience was dedicated to props and costumes from the film including an actual “star” from the Battle Room, a look at the student desk pad, Ender’s flash suit, the cyclotron gun, the weapon used inside the Battle Room to freeze opponents, and loads more.

If you’re in San Diego for Comic-Con and you’ve got even the slightest desire to experience Ender’s world, this event is highly recommended. And, if you’re not a fan of long lines, you can try your luck at snagging a “fast pass” at the Summit Entertainment convention center booth – but if that’s the case, why are you at Comic-Con to begin with?

Check out our video and some photos from the Fan Experience below and keep an eye out for more Ender’s Game Comic-Con coverage coming soon.

Ender's Game - Wiggin Home

Ender's Game - Dorm

Ender's Game - Class

Ender's Game - Star

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