Watch: One Nerdy Batman Fan Actually Created His Own Batcave

Watch: One Nerdy Batman Fan Actually Created His Own Batcave

Apr 24, 2013

Fan Made Batcave

So, you think you love Batman because you own a few comics and all the movies on Blu-ray and DVD? You’ve got nothing on this suburban homeowner who’s turned his entire basement into his very own version of the Batcave.

Chris Weir bought his home back in 2006 – and while we assume he was concerned about the location and the quality of the local schools for his two children, the biggest selling point was the basement. Chris needed a lot of real-estate not to make a home office, or put in a pool table, but to craft his very own Batman-inspired refuge. He’s spent $100,000 on his man-Batcave, and we think you’ll find it pretty impressive.

Housing several thousand comics, countless pieces of memorabilia (including a Batsuit from the movies) and a 120-inch cinescope screen, Weir’s re-creation of the Dark Knight’s lair is impressive. Even cooler is the secret entrance that keeps it all hidden from the prying eyes of guys like the Joker or annoying neighbors.

The father and husband’s Batman obsession is a family affair. Weir’s wife was totally on board with plans to turn the basement into a superhero's secret lair, “as long as the mortgage got paid.” The children think it’s great too (although, watch for a hilarious moment where the older son, forced to don his Batman costume for the filming, comes down the steps looking like Ralphie in the pink bunny suit on Christmas morning…).

While we can’t personally imagine dropping $100,000 to turn our basement into the Batcave, we can certainly admire what Chris Weir’s accomplished – and the fact the he did it on a budget. After all, this guy spent over $2 million doing the same thing.

Take a tour of the Batcave in the video below.


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