This Movie Theater's Custom 'Godzilla' Poster Is Awful and Awesome

This Movie Theater's Custom 'Godzilla' Poster Is Awful and Awesome

May 28, 2014

Godzilla Taiwan Poster

If a movie poster ever makes the news here in America, it's bound to be because it features some kind of overt sexuality or violence that people think kids shouldn't see when walking around a theater. In Taiwan, however, a Godzilla poster recently made the news because it looked like it was made by an actual child. And it's awesome. (Thanks to Kotaku for the find.)

We love the flames (or energy waves?) that radiate around Godzilla, but our favorite detail has to be the stone-cold look on his face while also flashing up two pointy fingers in an apparent peace sign. Or, as this appreciator of fine-art shows, maybe Godzilla is just playing rock, paper, scissors.

Godzilla Taiwan Poster

The actual news report is obviously in Taiwanese, and we've been told the gist of it is that the theater (or company) forgot the poster for the movie and so someone was forced to draw one. Regardless of the scenario, it makes us wish that some independently minded U.S. theaters would start hanging handmade posters outside their theaters, too. Your move, Alamo Drafthouse.

As for some actually great Godzilla art, the giant monster took over a wall in São Paulo, Brazil in the heart of a Japanese neighborhood called Liberdade. Photo by Instagram user Mariliases:

Godzilla street art Sao Paolo



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