Rapper T.I. Joins Tom Cruise in 'We Mortals Are;' Also Teases Marvel Comics Movie

Rapper T.I. Joins Tom Cruise in 'We Mortals Are;' Also Teases Marvel Comics Movie

Mar 23, 2012

Rihanna isn't the only musical artist looking to transition to big Hollywood blockbusters this year as the rapper T.I. (aka Clifford Joseph Harris) is also looking to make a giant splash on the big screen, assuming his latest comments are accurate. Doing an interview at SXSW, T.I. mentions some upcoming film roles he's involved in, including a role opposite Tom Cruise in We Mortals Are, which will be directed by Doug Liman and feature Cruise as a soldier fighting aliens who winds up caught in a time loop on the last day of battle -- sorta like Groundhog Day meets [insert an alien invasion flick here]. T.I., who's appeared in films like Takers, American Gangster and ATL, doesn't reveal the role he's playing, but says he's involved in some capacity.

Also of interest to you Marvel geeks, T.I. teased that a certain Marvel Comics franchise has been inquiring about his availability "for quite some time," the rapper admitted. While he wouldn't go any further than that for fear of letting "any cats out of any bags prematurely," he did seem pretty optimistic about his chances. Which Marvel Comics franchise is it? We'll let you throw out those guesses in the comments section below ...

Check out the video interview, and skip to the three-minute mark to hear T.I. talk about these film roles.

[via CBM]

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