Sylvester Stallone is Selling an 'Expendables'-Style Fountain Pen for $5,000

Sylvester Stallone is Selling an 'Expendables'-Style Fountain Pen for $5,000

Nov 09, 2011

Sylvester Stallone, Pen WorldYou don't need to be a movie star to have a surprising passion for something most people don't give a moment's thought to, but of course if you do happen to be a celebrity, an unexpected passion can definitely seem all the funnier. Case-in-point Sylvester Stallone, Fountain Pen Enthusiast.

Yes, the skull-crushing leader of The Expendables is a pen collector. But that's not all. He's also a fountain pen designer and Montegrappa, a nearly 100-year old pen company that Stallone is now a partial owner of, have just released his first design, titled simply Chaos. The pen itself is far from simple, of course: It's available in either Sterling Silver or Solid 18K Gold and the entry point to buy one is around $5,000.

So what kind of pen design does $5k get you? Let's quote Montegrappa's (please go to their website and behold its grand entrance) ridiculously long explanation of the genesis of this fancy bit of stationery:

"Working with Montegrappa's artisans, Stallone's representation of Chaos commenced with deliberately disparate elements: the accumulation of matter, the confused undergrowth, the entanglement of streets in a modern metropolis. Ultimately, they chose the latter, which they grasped as emerging from the dark, disturbed by the lights of a frenetic dash of vehicles. Of this entanglement, they created movement of the perennial signs of the struggle between life and death, interpreted by the primordial saurian, by the reptilian, by snakes and lizards ... and by the skull."

So that's what goes through Stallone's brain when he thinks about pens and chaos, eh? Sounds about right.

Note for the mega ballers out there: Montegrappa have also crafted a limited edition Chaos Inkwell, which sounds like something you'd dip your pen into if you were writing the Necronomicon, but I guess Stalone just uses it to sign contracts for Expendables sequels.

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