Sylvester Stallone is Producing a New 'Rambo' TV Series for Fox

Sylvester Stallone is Producing a New 'Rambo' TV Series for Fox

Dec 01, 2015

Everyone is excited about Sylvester Stallone this week. His latest Rocky sequel, Creed, is a hit with audiences and critics and is even garnering the actor Oscar buzz for his return as The Italian Stallion. But he always has to be maintaining both of his biggest franchises, and so of course there's also talk now of the next step for Rambo. Here's what we know about that:


Is Rambo also spinning off a reboot-like sequel?

A movie titled Trautman focused on the son of Richard Crenna's character as he's mentored by John Rambo could be a good copycat idea, but no. At least for now, 2008's Rambo appears to be the last effort for theatrical release. Stallone is instead taking his iconic action hero to the small screen for a series titled Rambo: New Blood.


Will this be another cartoon so that kids can become interested in an R-rated franchise? 

No, but let's never forget 1986's Rambo: The Force of Freedom and the violent toys it spawned. This time we're getting a live-action show continuing the story of Stallone's title character, as was first teased two years ago. The latest, via Screen Crush, is that it's going to air on Fox.

But surely there will be an attempt to get a new generation interested in the character.

Yes, and the New Blood subtitle should be enough of a hint to tell you that the series will feature a younger character for the new blood viewers. The premise involves John Rambo's relationship with his son, a Navy SEAL named J.R. (supposedly a former SEAL, but SEALs tend to be SEALs for life). 


Didn't Stallone already try the father-to-son legacy sequel thing with the Rocky franchise?

Yes, Rocky and Rocky Jr., aka Robert, had a strained relationship that needed mending in both Rocky V and Rocky Balboa. Stallone likes legacy plots.


If this isn't a reboot and Rambo is old, will Stallone play him on the small screen?

It's doubtful that Stallone will make the move to TV star, even with the small screen being more distinguished these days. And he may win an Oscar soon, so that could especially have him wanting to continue being a box office draw rather than ratings bait. Perhaps this could be a limited series, however, and get Stallone to come down for that. 


Stallone is involved, though, right?

Yes, he's at least producing the series.

Is there anyone else of note involved yet?

The show will also be produced by Avi Lerner, who joined up with Stallone for Rambo and the Expendables franchise, and Die Hard screenwriter Jeb Stuart, who is also scripting the series. 


When can we expect to see the show?

It's unknown when Rambo: New Blood will premiere, but Fox has just put in a script order, so probably by 2017, which would put it nine years after the last movie -- just as Creed released nine years after its predecessor. 




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