Sylvester Stallone Begins Filming 'Rambo V' This Fall; Here's What We Know So Far

Sylvester Stallone Begins Filming 'Rambo V' This Fall; Here's What We Know So Far

May 07, 2018

Sylvester Stallone will forever be best associated with two characters, especially if he continues to make movies in which he portrays Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. The former has another installment on the way, with the Rocky IV-recalling Creed 2. Now he's committed to another with the latter.

According to Screen DailyRambo V is on track for a September production start. Stallone will reprise the title role, this time placing the iconic Vietnam veteran in a personal war against a Mexican crime lord. In the 10 years now since the release of the last installment, Rambo, we've heard a lot of different things about the fifth movie, and most of it's changed.

So let's break down what we actually know about Rambo V below. 

What is the plot of this latest First Blood sequel?

John Rambo is now living on a ranch in Arizona suffering from PTSD. He's not retired, though, as he struggles to find the occasional odd job. When the granddaughter of a family friend goes missing across the border, he crosses into Mexico to save her from a sex-trafficking ring. Along the way, he teams up with a journalist whose sister has also been kidnapped.  

This sounds more Taken than Rambo

Maybe, but John Rambo has a very different set of skills. 

Is this the same story we were going to get with Rambo: The Last Stand?

While this Rambo does actually sound akin to the 2013 Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Mexican cartel vehicle The Last Stand, it also seems like it could have been the return to a smaller story for John Rambo script titled Rambo: The Last Stand from back in 2011. That was described as Rambo's Unforgiven

In 2012, Stallone also told press of a potential new Rambo movie, "He’s in Arizona on the border. It will involve him going into Mexico. I don’t think Rambo likes Mexicans.” That's definitely this same idea. At the time, Stallone also claimed he would be killing the character off. Two years later, he was still talking up the same script, which he compared to No Country for Old Men

Is the script still by Sean Hood? 

Rambo: The Last Stand was by Sean Hood, who also wrote the Conan the Barbarian remake, but now Rambo V is being credited to Matthew Cirulnick (Paid in Full). According to Deadline, Stallone himself is also working on the script. 

So what ever happened to the sci-fi Rambo V we were going to get? 

After the release of Rambo, Stallone was planning another sequel, which would be based on the John Byron Huggins novel Hunted and involve John Rambo in the Arctic hunting a half-human monster. For better or worse, it does seem certain that Rambo V: The Savage Hunt is not happening.  

Who is directing the movie? 

As of yet, there is no director attached to Rambo V. Perhaps Stallone, who helmed Rambo, could handle that duty again. 

When does Rambo V come out? 

There is no release date for Rambo V, but with a September 1 start date for filming, we could be looking at a 2019 opening. 

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