David Gordon Green's 'Suspiria' Remake Ready to Go; Check Out Our Casting Suggestions

David Gordon Green's 'Suspiria' Remake Ready to Go; Check Out Our Casting Suggestions

Apr 11, 2012

A remake of Dario Argento's Italian horror classic Suspiria has been in development for some time now. Pineapple Express and The Sitter director David Gordon Green has been attached to the project, and at one point Natalie Portman was even rumored to be starring in the lead role of Suzy Bannion — a young American woman who enrolls in a prestigious ballet school set near the woods of Germany, only to discover that its residents are hiding a dark secret. Last December we heard from Green in an interview with IFC, where he shared that he had turned in his script for the remake, and was settling a few final details. "I’ve been trying to make it for four years and trying to find the support entity to finance it," he admitted. Everything has been quiet since then, but now Deadline is reporting that the director has secured backing from Crime Scene Pictures and will be looking for his Suzy any day now.

The 1977 dizzying film is a favorite among genre fans, and many people have balked at the idea of someone attempting to remake the visually striking movie — let alone a director whose recent works have been pretty subpar. Green's earlier, experimentally interesting films, however, make a fairly strong case for why he may be the right man for the job — though many questions still linger. Suspiria's soundtrack — composed by Italian prog-psych band Goblin — is such an integral part of the film's eerie atmosphere. How would Green address this in his movie? How does someone deliver a strong remake when the original director's mark is so deeply imbued in every shot and our subconscious? Will Green attempt to go the same route that Argento did stylistically? So. Many. More. Questions. "I hope I get to make it. I hope somebody takes those risks," he told IFC. "I feel like I’m closer every day to having people embrace the script and the story I’m trying to do and the technique I want to execute it in. I hope so." We can't wait to find out what that "technique" is.
While Suspiria's performances and narrative feel like an afterthought, finding the right woman for the lead is still important. We doubt the Portman rumors are true. We don't see the actress wanting to play another tormented ballerina, given her recent appearance in Black Swan. Green's Suzy has to be someone who can fit seamlessly in the gothic fairy tale world. Someone innocent, but determined to pursue the truth who would believably be willing to venture down the dark rabbit hole. We'd like to nominate Jocelin Donahue for the part, who is best known for her appearance in Ti West's The House of the Devil. The actress looks the part of a dancer, has a child-like quality, and has already proven that she's willing to explore the dark recesses of a filmmaker's imagination. We could see her enjoying Green's more experimental side, which is hopefully what he'll be bringing to the table.
Cast Suspiria below, and let us know if you're feeling any less hesitant about Green's remake.

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